How Domestication of Technology Affects the Students?

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Originally, the term ‘domestication’ is used to refer to the training of wild animals. However, metaphorically the term is used to refer to the process through technology is brought in the control and access of public which consequently produced significant changes in their lives. This is an important concept and it has garnered unmatched attention because every country is focused on the domestication of technology these days.

Steven Biczel

Technology domestication is defined as the process through which people get acquainted with ICTs and their application, rejecting them in some cases while trying to fix them in their routines in others. This mechanism has four stages and they are known as the 4 stages of the domestication process:

  • Appropriation- In the first stage ‘appropriation’, the technological product is subjected to acquire ownership that changes it from being a commodity to a significant device. This stage is concerned with all the processes through which the product is traveled through the market to its owner’s life. This stage decides the temperament of the people towards technology.
  • Objectification- In the second stage ‘objectification’, the users personalize the product according to their choice regarding the nature, field, and extent of its usage by them. This signifies the meaning of technology in their lives. Objectification can be described both in terms of physical as well as a cognitive sense of the use of the product. For example, after purchasing a technological device, the user decided about its nature and extent of its usage as per their life setting. They have to be sure that technology is going to help them in the long run.
  • Incorporation- When guidelines are given regarding technology, they are based upon the instructor’s perception of that particular technology and this is followed by the third step which is the incorporation of technology. They comprise of instructor’s background knowledge and past experience of the technology. However, it is now believed that owing to greater use of social media the youth can attain the power to determine the nature, extent, and utility of social media technology. This particular technology enables users to create the content themselves by using various tools provided through the technology.
  • Conversion- Later on, the fourth stage is of conversion where technology changes multiple things and makes it a positive one.
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